Discontented turn to Trump, but his tactics limit his chances

Conventional wisdom says that Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, will lose the presidential election, because he embodies values and practices rejected by most Americans. Whatever the dubious polling reports at any moment, reputable and successful forecasters see him losing the electoral vote by a landslide. Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee, would win as much […]

Restoring national greatness – a false promise of change

Change is inevitable, and you won’t like it. That virtually ironclad rule plays a big role in today’s politics. When Donald Trump, the presumed GOP presidential candidate, promises to “Make America Great Again,” he is offering to repeal change that some people don’t like. They miss an America with such superpower strength it could do […]

Europe coming apart? Views of Mainer, former EU insider

At the European Union, then known as the European Community, I was one of the few Americans ever to be a staff member of the European Commission, its executive and regulatory agency. Earlier, I had been a student at the College of Europe, the post-graduate school that prepares high-ranking EU and national officials. Later, I […]

Campaign: what to watch for in historic, bitter battle

A Washington Post column headlined last week, “Now, Election Day is the only thing that matters.” Nice thought, but not true. The campaign runs until November 8, and much will matter in the next five months. Here are some things to watch for. This is an “historic” election. Since Lincoln, all U.S. presidents either previously […]

‘Outsider’ candidates, unhappy voters attack presidential selection rules

The process for selecting presidential candidates is under attack. Politicians ranging from liberal Democrats to Trump Republicans don’t like it. Some candidates, unfamiliar with party rules, have felt the process put them at a disadvantage. The Republican and Democratic parties are not government organizations, and, under national party guidelines, each state party is free to […]

New ‘political correctness’ law misses real issues

Last week, President Obama signed a bill that seems a perfect exercise in “political correctness.” Amazingly, in a time of legislative deadlock, the bill had passed the Senate unanimously. The new law removes from federal statutes what are considered derogatory racial terms. For example, “Oriental” is replaced by “Asian American.” This move gets right at […]

LePage provides preview of Trump as president

When asked if he would like to be Donald Trump’s Republican running mate, Maine Gov. Paul LePage said it would not happen. “We’re too much alike,” he said. What he says is often highly controversial, but this time LePage may have provided a helpful view about what a Trump presidency would be like. There are […]