Trump offers isolationist foreign policy

In his recent U.N. speech, President Trump offered his vision for America’s place in the world. Nobody was surprised that his words echoed U.S. policy in the decades before the outbreak of World War II. Perhaps this was how to “make America great again” — return to the years when the country was a world […]

Unions face growing challenges on Labor Day

Labor Day comes this weekend.  It marks the end of the summer season Somewhat lost in the final vacation days is the fact that is supposed to recognize the contribution of the American worker to the country’s economic success. Our system requires capital to be invested in the economy, but it also depends on the […]

King Coal would kill Clean Power Plan

The flight from Boston to Los Angeles is about an hour longer than the flight back. There’s a pretty simple reason. The prevailing wind is from west to east.  On the way to Boston, it can literally push the plane along. That wind can push almost anything along in that direction.  For example, it can […]

Legislators should give less power to executive branch

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says that regulators stray from congressional intent, and courts should no longer defer to their decisions. His opponents answer that strict adherence to the letter of the law would deprive the country of necessary expert interpretation. Neither of them means exactly what they say.  Kavanaugh wants to cut back on […]

Will Trumpism, emerging as a new party, kill traditional GOP?

“Where you stand depends on where you sit.” Rufus Miles, a federal official, created this contribution to American political folklore.  Because each party’s members in the House and Senate sit together, they usually vote together.  He suggested they should be mixed together to promote compromise. Of course, his proposal was not adopted.  But his point […]