Conservatives, liberals issue joint warning: extreme populists threaten majority rule

When leading conservatives and liberals agree on what’s wrong in the country, it’s worth paying attention. The American Enterprise Institute, which produces conservative policy proposals, and the Center for American Progress, which plays the same role for liberals, announce they “disagree vigorously” on policy, but have agreed on a jointly published report on American society. […]

Does Billionaire Buffett put profit over principle?

When you’re called “the Oracle of Omaha,” ranked as one of the wealthiest people in the world, and speak with a kind of folksy directness, people listen. That’s Warren Buffett, the head of Berkshire Hathaway, the huge investment company that seems to operate as a personal extension of the man. Last week, the firm held […]

Federal debt out of control, crisis looms

Last week, the U.S. got news of an impending national disaster, a situation that could have “serious negative consequences for the budget and the nation.” The warning came from the Congressional Budget Office, a rare, nonpartisan federal agency. Almost nobody paid attention. The threat comes from ever-increasing deficits and an exploding national debt. It is […]

Tampering, voter suppression threaten elections

This year’s elections will be confusing and possibly corrupt. Voting used to be a routine process in which people had confidence. But the ways it is being undermined have only recently begun to be understood, raising real questions about just how “free and fair” elections really are. Begin with the obvious Russian efforts to undermine […]

Trump’s politics of change yields chaos, kills compromise

People say they want change. Politicians promise it. Barack Obama offered change “we can believe in,” for fear of leaving the false impression that he meant to alter America democracy. Donald Trump offered change by making proposals that broke with traditional policies. It’s possible that he means to alter American democracy. Even if many, or […]

Heated debates arise over census, Second Amendment

Americans love their Constitution, but most of us probably don’t fully understand it. That became evident this week in major news stories. They both show that we may miss two important facts. First, most of the Constitution applies to all people within the borders of the United States, even if they are not citizens. Second, […]

Internet, social media become weapons of war

America is at war. You may not have noticed it, because the battlefields are almost invisible. But the signs are evident, and millions have been recruited to serve in that war. The Internet was essentially an American invention. In a fit of idealism, the federal government decided it should be like the airwaves, open to […]