Congress should recapture powers it gave to president

Last week, a Washington Post editorial cartoon showed an elderly couple celebrating a man’s birthday. Nice. His name is “U.S. Constitution.” His wife tells him, “Some people are whispering about whether you are too old for the job.” A lot has changed since he was born in 1787. But the Constitution has stopped being updated […]

Simple Senate reform can end McConnell’s dictatorship

Note: This is the second of a series on how to reform the federal government without amending the Constitution. A single person now prevents Congress from taking almost any action, including even to consider a bill or a nomination. President Trump?  Another constitutional leader?  No, a mere party official – the Majority Leader in the […]

U.S. House of Representatives should be enlarged

There was once a legislative district shaped like a salamander.  Its creator was a man named Gerry and making more weirdly shaped districts has come to be known as gerrymandering. Every ten years, the U.S. conducts a census and, in most states, the party that controls the state legislature then gets to draw the congressional […]

Cutting taxes vs. health care for all: the voters’ choice

Here are three statements made last week. In a Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he wants a national system in which the government provides health care and there is no insurance. Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen commented on the Democratic debates and concluded, “[T]here was one clear loser – the American taxpayer.” Billionaire […]