Tax cut bill shrouded in myths, pure politics

The tax bill to be finally adopted by Congress before the end of the year has produced of a series of myths, mainly the result of its rushed legislative process. These myths result from ignorance of its content and its economic and political effects. They are separate from the purely partisan debate about who gets […]

GOP faces possible “blowout,” Dems could gain

When Susan Collins was thinking about leaving the U.S. Senate and running for governor next year, she was warned that she would face right-wingers in a bruising Republican primary. She could win a general election easily, but winning the nomination would be tough. Whether that was a factor in her decision to stick with the […]

Free speech under attack from right, left

President Trump and some liberal college students have something important in common. They don’t like the statements made by others, whether professional football players or conservative writers, and they demand an end to such statements. The reason that Trump and the students oppose free speech, even to the point of preventing a person from speaking, […]