Trump continues campaigning; only Congress can save his presidency

The government seems to be operating without a president.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican like President Trump, questions if his presidency can be saved. The 2016 campaign continues.  Trump attacks Republicans, Democrats, and the media.  He implies that he has no “moral” concern about Nazi and white supremacist demonstrators.  If Democrats won’t support […]

GOP conservatives forced to confront Trump’s “base”

The white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va. provides strong evidence of the widening division in American politics. President Trump’s reaction shows a new stage in the rightward evolution of the Republican Party, one rejected by many GOP leaders. He would not single out the far right demonstrators for responsibility, even after one of them had […]

Electric bills hide costly government policies

Electric bills hide turmoil in the electric industry. Some recent events illustrate the point.  The Maine Legislature sustained Gov. LePage’s veto of solar power subsidies.  Renewable subsidies are pushing up costs.  New transmission lines are raising rates.  Major Canadian hydro projects, hoping for U.S. markets, experience runaway costs Policy decisions contribute to hidden increases in […]

One party control is not working

Political battles in Washington reveal the sad state of governing. Traditional pragmatism has been replaced by strict partisanship.  Checks and balances are threatened. Partisanship – “It’s my way or the highway” – has replaced the pragmatic style of government. Our tradition has been to find practical solutions to clear public needs. Is there no role […]

Media in crossfire: fact checking vs. fake news

The U.S. is deeply divided about public policy and society’s values.  The media, the supposedly neutral chronicler of events, is caught in the crossfire and losing public support. In a rapidly changing news world, many people believe that newspapers and electronic media are biased.  They have doubts if there is any reliable source. Politicians view […]

GOP can’t fix Obamacare; Dems lack a plan

Health care “repeal and reform” is a mess, and both parties must share the responsibility for what now appears to be a national crisis. It’s worth recalling the essential elements of the Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – that have led to the crisis. The ACA extended health insurance coverage to tens of millions of […]