What goes around comes around: Trump in court

The opponents of political conservatism are adopting a strategy from an unusual source – conservatives. The decision of a federal district court judge in Washington State to suspend President Trump’s immigration moves is a clear example of that strategy. Trump had imposed a ban or “extreme vetting” on refugees from some countries, relying on what […]

Our leaders need to learn some history

Today, governments in Washington and Maine are headed by men whose idea of history goes back no further than their own memory span and whose concept of the American political tradition is limited to their own opinions. While President Trump’s economic policy looks backward at failed and outmoded moves like protectionism, he and his team […]

Trump, LePage personal style undermines good government

Sen. Susan Collins, a Republican moderate, supports Sen. Jeff Sessions, a GOP conservative, for appointment as U.S. Attorney-General, even though she and Sessions disagree on some key issues. Some Democratic senators, who would not vote to confirm him, say Sessions is a decent and courteous man who keeps his word. That’s praise from the opposition […]

Internet — new weapon of war undermines secrecy, privacy

At Burlington Electric, a Vermont utility, a computer has been hacked by a Russian organization whose footprint is well known because it has messed with so many foreign systems. The Clinton campaign was hacked by a Russian group, presumably trying to influence the election by exposing embarrassing, insider emails. A Chinese Army operation tapped into […]

Tax policy: all about the wealthy

Paul LePage and Hillary Clinton see one thing the same when it comes to taxes.  For the Maine governor and the defeated Democratic presidential candidate, it’s about the wealthy. How you treat people with lots of income is essential to tax reform. For all the politicians’ talk about corporate taxes being too high, they only […]

America at year end: the best of times or the worst?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” So began “A Tale of Two Cities” by Dickens.  And so it is today. The presidential and congressional elections left a still sharply divided American electorate. For Republican conservatives, the federal elections meant a GOP president could allow the Republican Congress an almost […]

“Presidential facts” are a new fact of life

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts.” This bit of wisdom has been attributed to Daniel Moynihan, a college professor turned U.S. senator. But it may now be all wrong. Defending statements made by President-elect Trump, a campaign loyalist said the  American people “understood that sometimes […]