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Gordon L. Weil formerly wrote for the Washington Post and other newspapers, served on the U.S. Senate and EU staffs, headed Maine state agencies and was a Harpswell selectman.

Coronavirus kills one branch of government

We have three branches of government – legislative, executive and judicial. Except we don’t. The coronavirus killed one. The executive branch is fully in charge of the government. The courts are open to deal with the most urgent matters. Congress and the Legislature are shut tight. While all three branches are equal and can keep […]

American unity falters facing COVID-19

Americans like to believe we all unite to fight an external threat. But it’s not true in the COVID-19 crisis. Start with the inexplicable absence of toilet paper in the supermarket. Because almost all of it is manufactured in the U.S., there’s no shortage. But the shelves were swept clear of it. That’s hoarding. By […]

COVID-19 reaction boosts state government’s role

States may rely less on federal government for public health, other policies Dealing with the corona virus may be causing a political revolution. The federal government cannot deal with the required all-out effort to combat the virus. It depends on state governments. When the crisis has passed, it’s likely the country will find that the […]

COVID-19 Act unity hides deep partisan divide

Earlier this week, the Senate opened a session with a foul blast of partisanship. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discussed the day’s schedule and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded. Next came a short break when no senator may speak. Sen. Susan Collins asked for agreement of all senators present, called “unanimous consent,” so that she could […]

Fixing coronavirus impact requires major government action

The coronavirus pandemic is illustrating a basic truth about the U.S. We are poor at long-term preparing and better at short-term reacting. The country was unprepared for dealing with a worldwide public health crisis. Even if other countries were similarly unready, that’s no excuse for a country that considers itself and is widely considered by […]