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Gordon L. Weil is a former local, state, national and international organization official. He is an author and publisher.

For Trump, projecting personality matters more than policy

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump may be teaching candidates of either party a valuable lesson. Be yourself. As pundits ponder the reason for his surprising success in polling about the Republican candidates and even in contests with Democrats, the explanation may be obvious. Trump comes across as a person who expresses himself spontaneously, revealing his real […]

Civics Lessons: Constitution and Practical Politics

Two Maine women have given us a couple of valuable lessons about government. One was Leigh I. Saufley, Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, and the other was U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. For a unanimous Court, Saufley wrote the reply to questions from Gov. Paul LePage on whether the Legislature had adjourned or […]

Presidential race: political game changes

The Fox GOP debate dominates the political news, but it could obscure the real undercurrents of the presidential campaign. It’s important to keep the campaign in perspective, almost impossible do in the heated daily play-by-play reporting. Here’s what is emerging from the campaign. Polls. While polling may indicate little about the ultimate nominees, even now […]

LePage undermines “checks and balances”

Checks and balances. In school, we are taught constitutions create them to prevent any one branch of government – legislative, executive, judicial – from having too much power and to ensure each has its own distinct role. That’s the theory. In practice, government looks a lot different. Take Maine, for example. The Legislature is supposed […]

Confederate flag: race, rebel and political symbol

Is the Confederate battle flag merely an historical relic or a symbol of racism? Why do people in northern states, who have no racist history, display this flag? The recent killings in Charleston, S.C., which led to the lowering of that flag from a prime spot on the state capitol grounds in Columbia, have renewed […]