Trump vs. science; politics vs. truth

A boy sat in church, looking up at the chandelier as it swayed in the breeze. It seemed always to take the same time to go from one end of its swing to the other, no matter how far it traveled. To turn idle observation into proven fact, he knew he needed hard evidence. He […]

GOP attacks Mills for echoing LePage on legislative testimony

The pot is calling the kettle black. An echo of that old saying was heard last week. Maine House Republican legislative leaders attacked Gov. Janet Mills, a Democrat, for refusing to make Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman available to a legislative committee. They said they were “stunned.” Maine has encountered serious difficulties in getting unemployment payments […]

Clash between Covid protection, constitutional rights

There is no constitutional right to go shopping. There is a constitutional right to freedom from extended “lock down” by executive order. Protective measures imposed by almost all state governors to fight Covid-19 squarely placed the U.S. Constitution in the middle of the crisis. Governors adopted mandatory closures, stay-at-home rules and the use of face […]