Cutting taxes vs. health care for all: the voters’ choice

Here are three statements made last week. In a Democratic debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he wants a national system in which the government provides health care and there is no insurance. Washington Post columnist Marc A. Thiessen commented on the Democratic debates and concluded, “[T]here was one clear loser – the American taxpayer.” Billionaire […]

Separation of church and state slowly erodes

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that a large Latin cross on public land in Maryland was no longer a religious symbol, but merely a tribute to fallen American soldiers of any faith.  Government was not giving special status to a Christian symbol, it ruled. This blurring of the line between church and state […]

Impeach Trump? Good case on either side

Independence Day comes in less than a month.  Many remember it as marking end of British rule over the American colonies.  But, as the Declaration of Independence itself stated, the purpose was to end “all allegiance to the British crown.” The Declaration is not a collection of grievances about Britain.  It is a list of […]