Legislators should give less power to executive branch

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh says that regulators stray from congressional intent, and courts should no longer defer to their decisions. His opponents answer that strict adherence to the letter of the law would deprive the country of necessary expert interpretation. Neither of them means exactly what they say.  Kavanaugh wants to cut back on […]

Will Trumpism, emerging as a new party, kill traditional GOP?

“Where you stand depends on where you sit.” Rufus Miles, a federal official, created this contribution to American political folklore.  Because each party’s members in the House and Senate sit together, they usually vote together.  He suggested they should be mixed together to promote compromise. Of course, his proposal was not adopted.  But his point […]

American “socialism” – a threat or a promise?

Could America become socialist? That’s where some conservatives believe the country would be headed under the Democrats. Sen. Bernie Sanders has been leading a progressive movement that has gained widespread support. Conservatives, like columnist George F. Will, warn of government displacing free market corporate decision-makers in setting industrial policy. Will’s concern does not match what […]

Trump prefers dictators to democrats

When European countries were ruled by kings, the monarchs often called one another by the name of their country.  For example, “Russia” might meet with “England,” in a session involving only the two rulers. Kings were the same as their countries because they alone were sovereigns.  The people were their “subjects,” not “citizens.” That practice […]

Government not working as Constitution originally intended

President Trump asserts he has an “absolute right to pardon himself.” No president has ever pardoned himself, though the right of the president to issue pardons for federal crimes is found in the Constitution. The Constitution is a broad statement of principles about the federal government and the separation of powers among the three branches […]