Trump, Sanders seek to reform ‘liberal world order’

Is the presidential campaign already boring or confusing? The pundits endlessly ponder, “Who won the last debate?  Who’s ahead in the Democratic caucus in Iowa?  Can Trump win again?” As usual, people following politics are being treated to a campaign covered like a sports event. But this may be a landmark election.  Despite appearances, it […]

“Deep state” and other political myths we believe

People can mistake politicians’ bluster for boldness and wisdom.  Making political assertions without substance has created myths often mistaken for political truth.  Time for some myth-busting. The “deep state” is running the country, according to one myth.  The country is secretly under the control of unseen, unelected people.  Who are they?  Powerful corporations and faceless […]

Americans ignorant of mounting nuclear threat

A country with nuclear weapons and long-range missiles, increasingly ready to use them, last week abruptly broke off negotiations with the U.S. Nobody noticed. Possible impeachment of the president has nudged other stories from the top spot in the news.  Meanwhile, North Korea’s growing nuclear arsenal and American inability to prevent it got the silent […]

Impeachment: Pelosi vs. Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had a plan: no impeachment of President Trump. As the highest-ranking elected Democrat, she could impose her plan on her fellow Democrats, even over the objections of a wing of the Party anxious to attack. Why did she prevent an impeachment inquiry?  The Mueller report revealed Trump’s effort to block the […]