LePage provides preview of Trump as president

When asked if he would like to be Donald Trump’s Republican running mate, Maine Gov. Paul LePage said it would not happen. “We’re too much alike,” he said. What he says is often highly controversial, but this time LePage may have provided a helpful view about what a Trump presidency would be like. There are […]

Beyond choosing next president, election also about us

Gone is the talk of “open” presidential nominating conventions or arguments about “open” primaries, which allow independents to vote in partisan elections. The parties seem to have made their choices, closing a lot of open mouths. What remain “open” are the November election and the temper of American voters. Because, aside from the forecasts by […]

Constitutional rule gone wrong: checks without balances

Americans think of our country as a special place. American “exceptionalism” is a part of our national character. But we are increasingly aware that something is wrong, that we have lost something. That’s why a presidential candidate can claim that he will “make America great again.” The American system of government is not working as […]

Support disappearing for trade deals with Clinton, Trump opposed

Trade policy, often misunderstood or ignored, may be a major political issue this year. Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, and Donald Trump, the likely GOP standard-bearer, take similar positions. They say President Obama and previous presidents have gone too far in making international trade agreements. It’s time to stop negotiating new ones or […]

Minimum wage becomes major national, state issue

A national debate rages about the minimum wage. One side argues the current federal minimum of $7.25 an hour yields a family income below the poverty line. On the other side, businesses argue they cannot afford to raise wages without raising prices and losing sales. Each side can find reputable economists to support its position. […]

Does Republican establishment exist?

The Republican establishment doesn’t like Donald Trump. That’s the common refrain. It ignores the question of whether there is a Republican establishment or even if there is still a Republican Party. Of course, there are at least remnants of a traditional Republican Party. Its main platform has been pro-business and against government policies that affect […]

The mounting, secret taxes in electric bills

Most households are paying a tax that nobody talks about. Though far less exciting than today’s presidential campaign, this issue may affect most families. If you get this tax bill, you pay it once a month. The best part about it, at least for the legislators who have created it, is that the “taxpayer” is […]