We need immigration policy; we get partisan war

In just 30 years, the U.S. population will increase by 84 percent, mostly resulting from a massive and wave of immigrants. The ethnic make-up of many parts of the country will change. The economy will experience major growth, though it will suffer through deep recessions. The income gap between the wealthiest and the poorest people, […]

Should we abandon plurality elections?

Last week, I wrote that increasingly major elections are won by pluralities – winners having the most votes – rather than majorities – winners having more than half the votes. The column drew many thoughtful responses, which prompt further consideration of the problem of plurality winners. The threshold question is whether we ought to require […]

Dems helped GOP to win elections

The Republicans clearly took the election, though it’s more likely the Democrats lost it than the GOP won it. To compare their performance in office and their campaigns through an analogy to the recently ended baseball season, the Democrats played “small ball” and had lousy pitching, allowing the Republicans to blast the ball out of […]

Television rules campaigns; conservatives, women gain

Whatever the outcome of next week’s elections, some political trends emerge. They include the role of big money’s television buys, the status of conservatism and the role of women. How do many, if not most, people decide how they’ll vote? Chances are good that it’s not based on candidates’ policy proposals or their debate performance. […]

“All politics is local” no longer true

“All politics is local.” Though he didn’t create that saying, the late U.S. House Speaker Tip O’Neill of Massachusetts made it not only popular but a law of politics, at least when it comes to congressional campaigns. In the past, local concerns were practical concerns. Would a member of Congress bring home federal contracts creating […]

Candidates make unrealistic, false jobs promises

“Jobs, jobs, jobs.” That’s what candidates promise in Maine and all over the country. Their experience specially qualifies them, they say, to use their sought-after job in government to create employment for others. It’s mostly a false promise. No single position in government, including the presidency, can with certainty guarantee more jobs. And candidates, who […]