Ranked-choice voting about LePage, but it’s undemocratic

This is the first in a three-part series opposing ranked-choice voting, Question 5 on the state ballot in November. “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others,” said Winston Churchill. The famous British Prime Minister thought our democratic system of government was inherently and intentionally inefficient and lacked the streamlined nature […]

Trump’s wealth, real or unreal?

Donald Trump’s political rise was due partly to the widely held belief that he is a multi-billionaire whose wealth comes from his business skill. If he could become a billionaire as a tough negotiator in real estate deals, he could be the kind of strong and successful leader the U.S. needs. Supporting his reputation, he […]

LePage, GOP use stealth to target social programs

Republican policy maintains government has grown too large and should be cut back.  Not only should it get out of the way of business, but also a reduced government would allow for generous tax cuts. That sounds like a simple proposition to tame a government that issues too many regulations and pursues goals that could […]

This election is not about the economy

There are at least three big myths about the economy in this year’s political campaign. In 1992 campaign, strategist James Carville highlighted the key issue for the Clinton staff, saying, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Though there’s a lot of talk, positive and negative, about the recovery from the recession, the economy is not the biggest […]