Critic tells wealthy “giving back” is not enough

“Speaking truth to power” sounds good, because it suggests the speaker’s courage in facing strong opponents. Often, though, the speaker and the powerful are not in the same room. However, in July, a New York Times columnist gave an in-your-face speech before the elite and powerful at their annual gathering in swank Aspen, Colorado. His […]

China, EU myths fade — US next?

China’s economy is tanking. Refugees flood Europe. Possible interest rate hike threatens U.S. These three major stories are based on major myths. China’s economy is in trouble. Though under a Communist government, the country seems to allow its brand of free enterprise, including foreign investment. It even has a stock market. The government has tried […]

Collins faces tough Iran choices

In judging the proposed nuclear accord with Iran, it looks like wisdom is determined by political party. Almost all Republicans quickly opposed the deal. The Democrats, true their more unruly traditions, are mostly supporting it, though some are vocal in opposition. The GOP members of Congress are not only opposed to President Obama, hardly a […]

For Trump, projecting personality matters more than policy

GOP frontrunner Donald Trump may be teaching candidates of either party a valuable lesson. Be yourself. As pundits ponder the reason for his surprising success in polling about the Republican candidates and even in contests with Democrats, the explanation may be obvious. Trump comes across as a person who expresses himself spontaneously, revealing his real […]

Civics Lessons: Constitution and Practical Politics

Two Maine women have given us a couple of valuable lessons about government. One was Leigh I. Saufley, Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, and the other was U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. For a unanimous Court, Saufley wrote the reply to questions from Gov. Paul LePage on whether the Legislature had adjourned or […]